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IF JOE BIDEN IS ELECTED PRESIDENT “YOU” WILL LOSE YOUR HEALTH CARE, AS YOU KNOW IT! Imagine not being able to get an appointment for you or your sick child for weeks because your doctor is not being paid properly and is so backed up, they can’t see you sooner. Imagine needing surgery in advanced age and being denied in favor of younger patients or suffering COVID and being denied a ventilator. Imagine being told your child can not leave the USA to get lifesaving treatment because the health service deems it unnecessary.

If the government gives your health care as a right, they will require that you give them the right to kill you. When the health care is denied to you, it will be because you gave you gave them the right to let you die! I am only describing conditions in the current British Health Service today. You need to wake up.

Obamacare has increased health care costs to the point where the average person can not afford coverage without huge deductibles, created insurance monopolies and limited choices in most states. The ACA has done almost nothing to cover in vast number of Americans that can’t afford health insurance. It has done nothing to improve the health of the American people and Pre-Covid, the ACA only federally enrolled 8.3 Million people leaving 30 Million Americans uninsured. Post-Covid when they opened it up in the spring, only 487,000 Americans took advantage of it, even though almost 20 millions of Americans had recently lost their jobs and become uninsured. This is a fraction of the huge problems we have in health care.

Jacob Jarvis wrote a Newsweek article recently spreading FAKE NEWS< on 06/26/2020 entitled Majority Support Obamacare Despite Trump’s Supreme Court Bid to Kill ACA> Polls supporting the ACA are a joke. Not many American even understand the law and it only covers a very few Americans. Trump didn’t start this law suit, which is asking for SCOTUS to determine the constitutionality of the ACA. He first has refused to defend the law against the Texas claim that the law is unconstitutional. And, now he is suggesting that the administration believes that the law is actually unconstitutional. And, only the court will DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THAT IS TRUE. Trump is not (as Joe Biden Claims) on a senseless crusade against health care. He is NOT going to eliminate coverage for 130 million American with per-existing conditions (as Nancy Pelosi claims).Trump has said,” If the Republicans take back the House and Senate. keep the presidency – we’re gonna have a fantastic health plan.” If you want more information on what that Plan may look like, please go to our Program That Works page.

Last fall, President Trump signed an executive order to try and improve Medicare by giving senior citizens access to more innovative and affordable healthcare plans.

The order, Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nation’s Seniors, directs HHS to propose regulations and implement administrative actions that encourage Medicare Advantage plans to offer innovative plan designs and benefits including telehealth services and supplemental benefits not available in the traditional fee-for-service Medicare program.

The order also directs HHS to create a new payment model that will adjust Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits to allow seniors to more directly share in any cost savings that Medicare Advantage plans generate, including monetary rebates.

Trump doesn’t want the HHS to promote or give more advantages to traditional Medicare over Medicare Advantage. The order tells HHS to find ways to modify Medicare’s fee-for-service payments to reflect the prices paid for services in Medicare Advantage and the commercial insurance market with the purpose of creating more competition in the market.

Basically, the order, along with President Trump, wants the HHS to not just direct people into a fee-for-service plan, but allow them to choose between Medicare Advantage or fee-for-service.

In this order, the President also directs the HHS to adjust Medicare Advantage plan network adequacy requirements to get access to telehealth services as well as market competition, including whether the states maintain certificate-of-need laws or other restrictions.

The order condemns Medicare for All proposals as Trump believes would destroy Medicare. He believes he will strengthen the Medicare program by giving and allowing seniors more choice and control over their benefits.

The order also allows nurse practitioners and medical assistants to practice at the top of their license to enhance care and provider availability for all Medicare beneficiaries and help with the current healthcare crisis.

The order also encourages innovation in medical devices and telehealth services, so they get to the market faster. Also, this order encourages site-neutral payments, provides seniors with healthcare cost and quality dates, and aims to eliminate Medicare waste and fraud.

This order is a step in the right direction of giving better healthcare to the American people.

Trump, like us, likes Medicare Advantage, which is why we want it FOR ALL. If the Democrats win in 2020, The Democrats will burn down your health care system the way they are currently burning down our cities and tearing down our monuments.

We want this program which is worked great with seniors to be extended to everyone.

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