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Hello and welcome representatives, senators, policymakers, and congressional staff. As a Certified Health Consultant and organizer of Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com, a grassroots research and educational movement,  I urge you to support the highest quality, truly American health plan for the lowest possible cost. 

Below, please find our recent communications with members of Congress and other vital NEWS and information:  

09/18/2020 - MEDICARE ADVANTAGE FOR ALL IS AN IDEA THAT'S TIME HAS COME                                                                                                       First Published: July 30, 2020: JAMA FORUM VIEWS - 6,056.

The author of this article, , Dr. Stuart M. Butler, is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and former Director of the Center for Innovation at the Heritage Foundation, both prominent and influential policy power houses in DC. With this article, and his support of Medicare-Advantage-For-All, he joins ranks with Steve Forbes, former presidential candidate and head of Forbes Magazine, our healthcare guru, Dr. Oz and George Halvorsen, former CEO of the Kaiser Permanente, one of the first HMO's and now one of the largest health insurers in the CA, in recognizing the efficacy of this potent solution that we need for meaningful health care reform in the United States. His case is logical and very well reasoned. It just makes sense. Medicare Advantage is the fastest growing most successful insurance program we have in the United States. There is absolutely NO REASON our government can't extend this program to all Americans. We have the answers. Medicare Advantage has majority support in both political parties, in both houses of Congress and this plan is consistent with what President Donald Trump has been advocating. See our Blog Page for more information.


The CDC has documented the fact that only 6% of the COVID deaths were caused by the virus. In the article at / Doctors like Dr. William Hanage from Harvard's School of Public Health make the contrary claim that COVID-19 is responsible for the increase in "excess deaths" because these Americans would not have died anyway? He estimates 228,200 in "excess deaths" this year alone. Well, before Covid-19 emerged from Wuhan, China, U C Berkeley found that in the seven (7) years ending 2017, some 33,000 “excess deaths” occurred in working aged Americans and shortened their overall life spans from all diseases. in their study, Americans of "all" ages had a higher excess death rate. The U C study documented the fact that "life spans" of all Americans had declined! And, when you add the fact that the findings of a T.H. Chan School of Public Health, also at Harvard University last year, projected that obesity in the U.S. will increase to 50% of our total population (about a quarter of which will be SEVERELY obese) by 2030, there is NO question that the COVID death rate in the United States is primarily due to the failure of our health care system! We let this happen to our health well before Covid-19, and in this great nation, this is a real travesty. Fact Check has climbed all over the 6% claim in this article, saying that it is flat out wrong when the CDC says, "6% of those who died with COVID-19 through August 15 didn't have any other reported conditions" that that DOES NOT MEAN they died of something else? They are playing semantics with excess deaths. An "excess death" is the acceptable way that our medical community has started talking about the fact that we die unnecessarily, in the United States, because we as a nation, are in deplorable health. Covid-19 highlights this status, especially with low-wage income and minority populations. The democrats propose to fix all of that by letting the government take over our health care system. Nancy Pelosi is in love Obamacare, and as you can imagine, Joe Biden is similarly smitten. The ACA has failed to provide affordable health insurance for these distressed populations. Obamacare enrollment has declined for 4 years running. Kamala Harris originally proposed Medicare-Advantage For-AlI (MAA) but later put that plan alongside a Public Option, which would likely negate an MAA plan's success. Joe Biden is stuck between a rock and a hard place with Nancy for the ACA and Bernie and Medicare for All and Kamala somewhere is the middle. We firmly believe that if you want to reduce the number of "excess deaths" in this country, certainly with anything resembling our Medicare-Advantage-For-All program; you had better vote for republican for both the House of Representatives and the Presidency. Otherwise, we can predict a government take over of the health care system and generally no special effort to save money of improve the health of the American people.


On June 11, 2020 Steve Forbes wrote," With all thy getting, get understanding." under the banner of - MEDICARE ADVANTAGE FOR ALL CAN SAVE OUR HEALTH-CARE SYSTEM - the title of an endorsement proposing essentially, our solution to the need to provide affordable health care to the American people, that we have been promoting for three years. The article written by George Halvorson, former CEO of Kaiser Permanente, and Dr. Mehmet OZ, that can be found at  proposes our Medicare-Advantage-For-All solution as a quick and comprehensive way to provide Americans with Universal health-care coverage and better health care, especially for poor and underserved communities! We are delighted to have such an informed and enlightened endorsement for this program. We believe the door is opening and that this is just the beginning of the recognition that a big part of what we have to do is build upon the Medicare Advantage program and the systems that are already in place to support it. This article, which has had 7,615 views so far, is validation of this solution. These men understand health care and they understand the economy as well if not better than anybody. They recognize that Medicare-Advantage-For-All is the best path forward to provide universal and affordable health care to those Americans who are uninsured and need our help.


COVID DEATHS- If you live in a State with a Democratic Governor, you are 3.5 times more likely to die of COVID! Seems absurd - Right? I looked at 14 of our largest states, 7 with Democrat governors (95.4 Million) and 7 with Republican governors (90..0 Million). I divided the actual total COVID Deaths by the states total population (as of today 7/20/2020) and then averaged the ratios for the Democrat states and the Republican states. And, the average for the states with Democratic governors was 3.5 times higher than the average for the states governed by Republicans, with each group of states having approximately the same total populations? Go figure! How does anyone explain that difference? We are talking about relatively the same number of Americans. Very different geography. Yes, NY and CA were included. But also WI and Ohio, Georgia, Florida and Texas were also included. Bottom line - we not only have a huge differential in violence, protests and unrest in states run by Democrat Governors, but even more alarmingly, we have an exponentially higher chance of dying from COVID-19. Would that it were not true. It does effect you, even if you are not personally out there on the streets! Be safe out there America!

06/26/2020 - THE BIDEN HOAX
IF JOE BIDEN IS ELECTED PRESIDENT "YOU" WILL LOSE YOUR HEALTH CARE, AS YOU KNOW IT! Imagine not being able to get an appointment for you or your sick child for weeks because your doctor is not being paid properly and is so backed up they can't see you sooner. Imagine needing surgery in advanced age and being denied in favor of younger patients or suffering COVID and being denied a ventilator. Imagine being told the your child can not leave the USA to get life saving treatment because the health service deems it unnecessary. If the government gives you health care as a right, they will require that you give them the right to kill you. When the health care is denied to you, it will be because you gave you gave them the right to let you die! I am only describing conditions in the current British Health Service today. You need to wake up. Obamacare has increased health care costs to the point where the average person can not afford coverage without huge deductibles, created insurance monopolies and limited choices in most states. The ACA has done almost nothing to cover in vast number of Americans that can't afford health insurance. It has done nothing to improve the health of the American people and Pre-Covid, the ACA only federally enrolled 8.3 Million people leaving 30 Million Americans uninsured. Post-Covid when they opened it up in the spring, only 487,000 Americans took advantage of it, even though almost 20 millions of Americans had recently lost their jobs and become uninsured. This is a fraction of the huge problems we have in health care. Jacob Jarvis wrote a Newsweek article spreading FAKE NEWS< on 06/26/2020 entitled Majority Support Obamacare Despite Trump's Supreme Court Bid to Kill ACA> Polls supporting the ACA are a joke. Not many American even understand the law and it only covers a very few Americans. Trump didn't start this law suit, which is asking for SCOTUS to determine the constitutionality of the ACA. He first has refused to defend the law against the Texas claim that the law is unconstitutional. And, now he is suggesting that the administration believes that the law is actually unconstitutional. And, only the court will DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THAT IS TRUE. Trump is not (as Joe Biden Claims) on a senseless crusade against health care. He is NOT going to eliminate coverage for 130 million American with per-existing conditions (as Nancy Pelosi claims).Trump has said," If the Republicans take back the House and Senate. keep the presidency - we're gonna have a fantastic health plan." If you want more information on what that Plan may look like, please go to our: PROGRAM THAT WORKS PAGE. If the Democrats win in 2020, The Democrats will burn down your health care system the way they are currently burning down our cities and tearing down our monuments.

03/14/2020 - HEALTHCARE CRISIS OVER THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: If Congress decides to lock down, you may feel you are in a petri dish. I you believe in the value of supplements for the treatment and alleviation of symptom, Dr. James Roach, who just published a book on the vital strategies for dealing with cancer has the following recommendations for dealing with the Coronavirus.


In this exceptional time, it is important that we take major precautions to protect all of us. At our practice we have had good success in dealing with viral illness. There are strategies that have been successful clinically. While we can never guarantee that supporting our immune system will be succereviewing research involving the big coronavirus family including SARS, I am sharing with you what I am advising my family. 
First, nutrition as always is very important. I would advise elimination of all sugar, processed foods, starchy foods, and fruit except for a handful of blueberries today. Arginine – an amino acid used for blood pressure and in some supplements e.g. NightGain and Cardiotonic BP – suppresses anti-viral lysine; foods that are high in arginine (CCCPAN – citrus, chocolate, coffee, potatoes, apples, nuts) should be eliminated for now, including in supplements.  Also avoid supplements that contain glycine or ribose; substitute Dual-Mag Complex for magnesium glycinate, discontinue Tranquility (glycine), and avoid d-ribose. Drink water, and green tea, if not contraindicated, which we think has anti-viral effects.
You are welcome to go to the Midway Center Store online store for these health-supportive supplements or call Dr. Roach directly at the Midway, KY Center. 

Prevention Support

  • FlewAway - 1-2 twice a day
  • Vitamin DAK - 2 daily
  • Zinc - 2 daily with biggest meal
  • Astragalus - 1 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch & midafternoon
    • OR Vital Adapt/Power Adapt - 1 of each twice during the day
  • Lysine - 3 twice a day during day empty stomach
  • Therbiotic - 1 daily
  • Vitamin C - 500-1000mg daily
  • Avoid all high arginine foods, sugar, processed food, starchy food, fruit
  • Eliminate NightGain, Cardiotonic BP, Magnesium Glycinate, Tranquility, D-ribose

Support for exposure to someone with respiratory symptoms or interacted with someone who interacted with COVID-19 patient 

  • FlewAway - 2 three times a day
  • Vitamin DAK - 3 daily
  • Zinc - 3 daily with meals
  • Astragalus - 1 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minute before lunch & midafternoon
    • OR Vital Adapt/Power Adapt - 1 of each twice during the day
  • Lysine - 6 twice a day empty stomach
  • Viracid - 1 twice a day
  • Throat & Gland Spray - 4-7 puffs 3 times a day
  • Therbiotic - 1 daily
  • Elderberry lozenges - 1 four times a day
  • Goldenseal OR Berberine - 1 30 minutes before each meal
  • Vitamin C 1000mg - 1 four times a day
  • Folate, B12, B6 e.g. Homocysteine Supreme, PureMelt, B Complex + P5P
  • Mushroom Synergy - 2 three times a day
  • Eliminate all high risk foods
  • Drink (or take) green tea throughout the day

Support for those with respiratory symptoms

  • Need medical attention/testing if have a cold with fever, shortness of breath or fatigue
  • FlewAway - 2 every 3 hours
  • Vitamin DAK - 4-5 daily
  • Zinc - 4 daily with meals
  • Lysine - 6 twice a day empty stomach (or 4 three times a day)
  • Viracid - 2 every 2 hours until better, then 1 four times a day
  • Throat & Gland Spray - 4-7 puffs 6 times a day
  • Astragalus - 2 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch & midafternoon
    • OR Reishi + Cordyceps starting first day with
      • 1 30 minutes before breakfast and midafternoon
      • 2nd day: 2 30 minutes before breakfast and midafternoon
      • 3rd day: 3 30 minutes before breakfast and midafternoon
    • OR Power Adapt and Vital Adapt
      • 1 of each 30 minutes before breakfast & lunch, & midafternoon
  • Therbiotic - daily
  • Folate, B12, B6 e.g. Homocysteine Supreme, PureMelt, B Complex + P5P
  • Elderberry lozenges - 2 three to four times a day
  • Vitamin C 1000mg - 1 every hour; reduce dose if diarrhea develops
  • Goldenseal OR Berberine - 1 30 minutes before each meal
  • Vitamin C 1000mg - 1 four times a day
  • Lung & Bronchial - 1 tsp 3-4 times a day
  • Mushroom Synergy - Build to 6 three times a day empty stomach
  • Eliminate all high risk foods and supplements
  • Drink (or take) green tea throughout the day
  • If available, add
    • Argentyn-23 - 1 tsp – 1 tbsp daily empty stomach
    • Resveratrol 250mg daily or CV ResQ 2 twice/day w/ meals
    • Quercetin Plus - 1 30 minutes before each meal
    • Licorice root - 2 three times a day empty stomach
    • Pomegranate - 2 twice a day empty stomach
      • Always at least 4 hours away from Rx medicine
    • Lauricidin - 3 times a day empty stomach
    • Garlic - 1 three times a day
    • Lactoferrin - 2 three times a day empty stomach
    • N-acetylcysteine - 2 three times a day empty stomach
    • Ginkgo - 1 three times a day empty stomach
    • Ashwagandha - 1 twice a day empty stomach
    • Black cohosh - 1 daily
    • Oregano - 1 daily

01/30/2020 - HEALTHCARE IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE FOR THE 20020 PRESDIENTIAL ELECTION: More than half of registered voters nationally consider healthcare one of their top issues in the 2020 presidential election, a new poll found, but observers and congressional aides said healthcare will likely be on the legislative back burner early this year because of impeachment. The Trump Medicare Advantage Plan is the key to getting the suburban support that President Trumps needs to win on the health care issue with the American electorate. This plan answers the need that the American public desperately has to provide affordable quality health care that every American can be proud.

When asked their top three policy issues for the 2020 presidential election, 56% of nearly 2,000 registered voters surveyed named healthcare as a top factor in determining their vote in a poll conducted nationally by the Bipartisan Policy Center and Morning Consult. The second most-cited issue was the economy at 44%.

See the full article in january 13, 2020 issue of Modern Healthcare magazine at: 

12/19/2019 - HALF THE UNITED STATES POPULATION IS PROJECTED TO BE OBESE IN 2030: Today the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health published a Report in the New England Journal of Medicine predicting warning that if we don't do something dramatic to change, almost half the U.S. population will suffer from obesity by the year 2030. Now, 40% of Americans are considered obese, a conditon of being hugely over a healthy weight. In fact the researchers predicitied that 25% (now 18%) of Americans will be Severely Obese by 2030. This level of obesity is the product of being a rich and properous nation with a huge appitite for fast food and uncontrolled unhealthy behavior. This is why our health care bill is 18% of GDP, accounting for almost $4 Trillion Dollars annually. It is directly related to the causes of our shorter life spans and our higher infant mortality. We simply can not go on like this. This American behaviour is unsustainable, especially if we want to retain any economic advantage among our neighbor nation states. We need to make "America Healthy Again!" And, this can only be done with a renewed commitment to our health. Congress needs to pass a new and dynamic health plan that can incentivize healthy behaviors and make it in America's  best interest to improve our health. A Trump Medicare Advantage Plan will do that for our country.    

11/26/2019 - THE UNITED STATES IS AT A HEALTH DISADVABTAGE TO OTHER WEALTHY NATIONS: On November 26, 2019 a study published in JAMA ( showed the life expectancy of Americans has declined significantly over the last three years — a drop driven by higher death rates among all racial and ethnic groups. Americans in the prime of their lives are dying sooner. The death rates increased from 2010 to 2017 for all causes among people aged 25 to 64. Although suicides, drug overdoses and alcoholism were the main causes, other major medical conditions, including heart disease, strokes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease also contributed. The lead author is quoted as saying, “ The whole country is at a health disadvantage compared with other wealthy nations, We are losing people in the most productive period of their lives. Children are losing parents. Employers have a sicker work force.” Dr. Steven Woolf is making our case for the necessity of a new bold health insurance plan that will hold up Predictive, Preventative Personal Medical Care and create a national program to Make America Healthy Again. That program is the Trump Medicare Advantage Plan for All.

11/15/2019 - OUR BABIES ARE DYING: Infant mortality is an important marker for the overall health of a society amd the ultimate success of a health care system and a nation. If the health of your people is having an adverse impact on our birth rate, we are in a failing society. And, that is exactly what is happening here in the United States. The infant mortality rate in the United States is 71% higher than comparable nations. In October 2019 the Peterson Center on Healthcare, a Kaiser Family Foundation partnership, posted a study indicating that the United States has a neonatal death rate that is 63% higher than comparable countries. Our postnatal (death within the 1st year) death rate is 90% higher than comparable countries. This study also shows that while all infant death rates are declining, the United States has a slower rate of decline on average than other comparable countries. In fact, over the last two decades, our infant mortality has declined at a rate that is 40% less than in other countries. Until we get a new health insurance system with a new Health Wellness and Well Being paradym, we will continue to fall behind other nations in our health and economically. A Trump Medicare Advantage plan would fix this situation, save m ore of our babies and put us on a healing trajectory to Make America Healthy Again. 

11/10/2019 - THE RSC HEALTH PLAN AND MEDICARE-ADVANTAGE-FOR-ALL FIT LIKE A GLOVE:The RSC Health Plan is a framework for personalized, affordable care. As a framework, it is designed to support programs that successfully fit into the purposes for which it is designed, principally making health insurance more affordable and more accessible to the American people. Medicare-Advantage-For-All (MAA) fits right into this framework. Not only does MAA fit well in the framework, but it also enhances the personalized aspect of the RSC Plan by promoting an integrative approach to medical care that is predictive, preventive and personalized (PPPM) and driven by quality outcomes. The PPPM approach effectively reverses and, in some cases, even eliminates chronic illness which, according to the CDC, accounts for 90% of our annual medical costs in the United States. PPPM in conjunction with and integral Wellness & Well Being program have the potential to reduce the national annual cost of health care (and health insurance) by Trillions of Dollars. Please see the RSC plan calls for Expanding Access to Innovative Care (p. 45) and our Blog page for more information.

11/9/2019 - WE SUPPORT RAND PAUL'S BILL S. 2812:  A bill to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to establish a Medicare payment option for patients and eligible professionals to freely contract, without penalty, for Medicare fee-for-service items and services, while allowing Medicare B.

This bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Finance which will consider it before sending it to the Senate floor for consideration.

Medicare has always had special punitive restrictions on the ability of participating physicians and medical providers to contract directly with patients on the provision of services covered by Medicare B. The penalty for engaging in such relationships was revocation or suspension from full participation in Medicare B. We have understood the purpose of these restrictions to be to lock physicians into the Medicare B program. The legislative history of these peculiar restriction speaks for itself.
We understand that S. 2812 frees patients and providers from these restrictions. Such restrictions are not necessary for the effective function of the Medicare B program. In fact, even Senator Bernie Sanders S. 1129 Medicare 4 all bill proposes to somewhat lift these restrictions. Allowing patients, physicians and other medical professionals to contract freely for Medicare fee-for-service items and lifting any punitive restrictions that threaten their ability to participate with Medicare B as a result, will give patients and medical professionals more freedom to lower the cost of medical care where possible, deliver services that are better tailored to help the Medicare enrollees maintain and improve their health condition and give providers more freedom to design and deliver services that improve the health of their patients, rather than to slavishly follow the dictates and restrictions of the fee-for-service Medicare B program. Passing S. 2812 is a step in the right direction. With this bill, Rand Paul continues to demonstrate his commitment to lower the cost of health care and health insurance and improve the health of the people of the United States.

No later than the RSC released their block-grant health care reform, then-Senator Elizabeth Warren released the blockbuster cost estimate for her Medicare 4 All plan, which came in at a cool $52 Trillion Dollars over ten years. Candidate Warren sincerely believes that she and other Democrats can not get elected by spouting warmed-over Republican talking points like recommending health care reforms that actually have some chance of passing both the House and Senate and being signed into law by the President, like Medicare-Advantage-for-All. She still claims that she is going to be able to tax "only" the rich to pay for her program. Even former Vice President Joe Biden says, " She's making it up." Please see our 11/07/ 2019 Blog for more information.

By Adam Cancryn - Politico
CMS Administrator Seema Verma repeatedly refused to tell a House oversight panel how the Trump administration plans to stabilize the nation’s health care system if a federal court strikes down the Affordable Care Act.
“The president has made clear that we will have a plan in action to make sure that Americans have access to affordable coverage,” Verma told a House Energy and Commerce oversight and investigations subcommittee today. “I’m not going to get into any specifics of the plan.“
House Democrats repeatedly pressed Verma over the contingency planning, criticizing her for failing to lay out any fallback options even as the administration backs the legal effort by a group of GOP-led states to immediately wipe out Obamacare. A federal appeals court is expected to rule on the case in the coming weeks.
“Do you have a plan that you can present to us, or is this another pie in the sky promise?” said Rep. Jan  (D-Ill.)Schakowsky
Verma later insisted that the administration has planned for “a variety of different scenarios” and only needs to wait for the court to rule — but refused to offer any evidence or details.
President Donald Trump had originally vowed to roll out his own health care plan by September, but officials have not provided any updated timing, and there’s little expectation any proposal from the White House will extend beyond offering general principles.

House conservatives have rolled out their Personalized Affordable Care Plan as an alternative to "Medicare for All" ahead of the 2020 elections. The White House has not officially endorsed the Plan, which envisions rolling back Obamacare’s popular Medicaid expansion and much of the regulations governing the individual market and offering federal block grants to states to help establish their own health insurance markets. The proposal is designed to blunt criticism for failing to protect people with preexisting conditions, arguing that high-risk coverage pools — along with fewer benefit requirements for health plans and an equalization of the tax treatment for employer-sponsored and individual plans — will effectively provide all Americans with an array of low-cost options.


Email to RSC memeber - October 15, 2019

Recently, I sent you the list of 293 members of the 116th House of Representatives that have supported Medicare Advantage (MA). I will send it again Today! I have since learned that the Republican Study Committee is planning to release its own health plan alternative by the end of the month. As an important member of this and related committees, I am writing to urge you to incorporate Medicare Advantage into your thinking.

Previously, I sent you the top 28 reasons why Medicare Advantage should be the core of your new health plan. I believe that to successfully pass any major health plan legislation in the House, then get it through the Senate and ultimately signed by the President, the plan must have three essential elements. It must be bipartisan (or capable of becoming so). It must be cost-effective, but even more importantly, in order to avoid the natural skepticism from public health advocates and others, it must be popular with the American people. The truth is Medicare Advantage is the ONLY health plan that meets ALL three of these basic criteria.

Medicare Advantage For All has answers for you on this and how to restore the health of the American people, including the efficacy of Medicare Advantage as a national plan for all ages. These answers can be found on  We are excited about your new health plan. Reducing our cost of health care and making it affordable will ultimately require an Apollo-like national commitment. And, we believe that you can “Make America Healthy Again” with the best design of the health plan for which you vote. You will be receiving our correspondence again soon by snail-mail.  Please keep a look-out for it. Thank you very much for your service.



Letter excerpts to the 293 House members supporting MA - September 18, 2019

Thank you for supporting the Medicare Advantage Program (MA) which is the bright star on the national health insurance stage. MA is the most popular health plan with your constituents and in Congress.  Enclosed you will find the list of the 293 of your fellow Houwse memebers that have supported Medicare Advantage. This is more than double the number of sponsors for the Medicare for All Act of 2019. Also enclosed please find our Fifth Edition of The True American displaying the Medicare Advantage programs popularity and making the case for extending this dynamic program to All Americans. (See the Fifth Edition here under the True American Tab - SITTING ON A BOMB: May 2019 )

The most important challenge we face is maintaining and promiting the health and well being of all our people. We have 30 Million uninsured. We suffer from a crippling chronic disease epidemic that is driving our costs of health care through the roof.

We believe you have already supported the solution. A properly designed Medicare Advanatge plan with an integral health and wellness component created and delivered under the supervision of our able Health & Human Services Department is the answer to all of the ptoblems. A Medicare-Advanatge-For-All Program that changes the way our medical professionals treat chronic illness will save over $1 Trillion Dollars annually.

Medicare Advantage is the most popular health plan in America. Unfortunately, there has never been any major health plan legislation passed by the Congress on Medicare that has NOT been bipartisan! In fact, every major act signed into law since Medicare's inception was both biaprtisan and passed to reduce the cost of the medicare program.

Your constituents are looking to you for answers. We believe that for any health plan to pass the House, then get through the Senate and ultimately signed into law by the President; the plan must have three essential elements. It must be bipartisan (or capable of becoming so). It must be cost-effective, but even more importantly, in order to avoid the natural skepticism from public health advocates and others, it must be popular with the American people. The truth is Medicare Advantage is the ONLY health plan that meets ALL three of these basic criteria.

We Americans are sitting on a health care Bomb! This problem can not be fixed without your help. But, every day your constitutents have to live with high cost and the difficulty in getting the health care that they need and deserve. That can not be good for your re-election. Please consdier working with the 293 of your colleages, who support Medicare Advantage and help us create a "program that really works".